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Vintage Trains Programme

12 Mar - Tyseley to Cardiff
19 Mar - Tyseley to Carlisle via S&C; rtn Shap
9 Apr - Solihull to Salisbury

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All scheduled engines are subject to availability.

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Before placing a booking (online or telephone) please check information on individual tour page, then be ready to provide • Boarding Station • Class of Seats required • Number of Seats • Any Special Requirements e.g. Table for Two, Special Dietary needs, Pre-orders for bacon baps, occasional cakes, flowers etc.

All bookings are subject to Vintage Trains Standard Conditions of Booking and Travel.

All trains are operated by West Coast Railway Company.

Smoking NOT allowed on any train.

Dogs & Pets are NOT allowed on Vintage Trains except for Specially Trained Dogs for the Disabled.

Wheelchairs : Vintage Trains can accommodate a small number of people using wheelchairs. It is essential to contact VT Booking Office directly to discuss availability of our facilities and your requirements before making a booking.

Programme Introduction

Dear Customer,

We at Vintage Trains would like to propose the following steam railtours for your kind consideration. We have put together a programme that we hope will appeal to everyone, both daytripper and enthusiast alike.

2015 began very successfully for Vintage Trains, despite a landslip causing the Valentines Express to be re-routed over the North Cotswold line in both directions. This route proved to be very popular.

In early March, there was an incident at Wootton Bassett junction involving our Train Operating Company (TOC), West Coast Railways. One result of this incident and the following investigation was a suspension of West Coast from operating trains, including ours during April and most of May. Although we were completely without fault as the incident did not occur on one of our trains, nor on one of our locomotives, the suspension resulted in us having to cancel outright four trains and postpone one other. The full effects of this suspension are still being felt, but one of the results is that every aspect of steam operations is being re-examined and the rules tightened and implemented. This affects both passengers, promoters and crew alike with restrictions on window-hangers, train lengths and support crew hours and duties.

Another recommendation is to mitigate the length of journeys undertaken by the steam locomotives and crews. Again, we at Vintage Trains have been ahead of the curve, offering several exciting railtours under twelve hours in duration. The inclusion of “REG” the water carrier also contributes to shorter days, eliminating at least one water-stop in each direction, reducing the day by an average of 90 minutes.

Moving forwards, in addition to our day trips far and wide, you will notice more repeat itineraries of under twelve hours from start to finish as we strive to run sensible, responsible and reliable trains.

Although we have not listed them in this brochure, we plan to run several locomotive trial runs and dining trains throughout the year as locomotive overhauls are completed and trial runs are required. If you wish to be kept abreast of these dates or any updates and last minute reminders please ensure you are signed up for our email newsletter.

Yours faithfully,

The Vintage Trains Team (Dec 2015)

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19 Mar - Cumbrian Mountaineer

Tyseley to Carlisle
p/u Tys, New Street, Wolverh'ton, Stafford, Crewe
North via S&C - South via Shap
45690 Leander

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Steam Railway/Mike Notley awards:

"Railtour of the Year" 2010,2012,2013
"Performance of the Year" 2010,2012
"Locomotive of the Year" 2010,2012
for 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

12 Mar - Red Dragon

Tyseley to Cardiff
p/u Tys, Snow Hill, Stourbr.J., Worcs SH
via Chepstow
4965 Rood Ashton Hall

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9 Apr - Moonraker

Solihull to Salisbury
p/u Solihull, Dorridge, Warwick Pkwy, Banbury
via Reading West
5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe

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