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updated 01/10/15

Vintage Trains & Tyseley Loco Works Steam Train Galleries

4965 at Hatton North
4965 Rood Ashton Hall at Hatton North : Malcolm Ranieri


Photographs of our railtours from the last few years.

2015 Tours & Shakespeare Express >>
updated 10/08/15

2014 Tours & Shakespeare Express >>
updated 14/03/15

Earlier years >>
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Shakespeare Express

Photographs of the Shakespeare Express focussing on the last few seasons, and also some shots pre-1998.
See Shakespeare Express Gallery
updated 08/08/15

Important Note: Our webmaster is retiring and photo galleries may not be updated for a while. Please continue to send in your photographs of our trains. They may be selected to advertise our tours on the web, in brochures or in other sales material in support of Vintage Trains. Thank you.

updated 01/10/15



This feature provides pictures of Vintage Trains excursions, the Shakespeare Express and Tyseley Open Days.

The gallery will be updated as our programme proceeds.

We hope you enjoy the views of our trains and events, and that it will encourage you to support us in keeping the mainline steam experience alive, by travelling with us on one of our future tours or attending one of our open days.

It is the revenue from these that provides the necessary income to continue to repair and maintain the locomotives and rolling stock.

Our special thanks are due to all fare-paying passengers, Visitors, covenantors and other financial supporters and volunteers..

without whose continued support a primarily volunteer organisation like Vintage Trains could not operate. Together we are keeping the heritage of mainline steam alive!

Do not trespass

Have you any photographs of...

- Our trains in the surrounding countryside, seascapes etc

- Vintage Trains tours

- The Shakespeare Express

- Tyseley Collection Engines

- Other Engines visiting or based at Tyseley

- Photographs in 'steam days' of the two Birmingham - Stratford routes or our locomotives.





Notes for Photographers

Please do not use flash as it can blind train drivers.
See also National Rail Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts - link below.

Vintage Trains is concerned to have received reports that landowners in Cornwall have suffered at the hands of railway enthusiasts wishing to get photographs of our trains. Access to land has been blocked by inconsiderate parking, locks broken off gates so that photographers can get on to land and livestock spooked and distressed. This is completely unacceptable behaviour that disrupts local community life and also affects the livelihood of individuals. PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS ON RAILWAY LAND. PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS ON PRIVATE LAND. PLEASE HAVE CONSIDERATION FOR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY. Please help us to enjoy our hobby in a fitting and responsible manner. To the many who do not trespass, we apologise for raising this with you. For those that have transgressed, please do not do so again. Please do not alienate the public against the railway enthusiast movement. You can enjoy your hobby from public vantage points.... or better still, travel on one of our trains! Thank you for your co-operation.

Please also see the National Rail Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts >>

Note from the Webmaster

We are very grateful to the line-siders, observers and passengers who send in images of our trains. This provides interest for visitors to our websites. We are always looking for good photographs of our trains and engines (which must be taken from non-trespass positions) and invite you to send them for consideration for inclusion on this website. They may be used either now or at some time in the future.

Pictures may be either recent or past i.e. in the preservation era or in the days of steam.

We do not pay publication fees

As Vintage Trains is a commercial arm of a registered charity, any operating surpluses are directed to restoration and maintenance of the Tyseley Collection of locomotives and rolling stock. Many operational and support activities are carried out by unpaid volunteers (development and maintenance of this website being one such example). Our use of submitted photographs as outlined above, is similarly unpaid and considered to be a 'donation in kind' to the charity's aims of preserving mainline steam.

Submitting Photographs

If you have material that you think might be suitable then please send to me. Please give engine number, date taken, location, train details and your name.

By e-mail

click link and attach image(s):

By post to

Tyseley Locomotive Works,
670 Warwick Road,
B11 2HL.

Please note that development and maintenance of this website is a time consuming voluntary activity. Due to time constraints I am unable to respond to each submission.

We particularly look for 'different locations', unusual shots, and good quality shots. Be selective! Be different!

We do not enter into correspondence regarding which photographs are selected for display on the website.

We thank you in advance for submitting your work.

Use of Photographs

Please note that we may select from the photographs sent in for website display for inclusion in the VTS members' house magazine (Steam In Trust) & newsletter (Tyseley News). We may also select from the submitted photographs for use in publicity material and advertising - both our own and third-party advertising of our activities. This may also include publicity use by third-party organisations in connection with their hire of our trains.

Quite simply , we use the photographs to publicise and advertise Vintage Trains activities.

The copyright of photographs submitted will remain with the photographer.


By submitting your photographs you are agreeing to their possible use as outlined in the various sections on this web page.






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